How to change the logo in Magento (Magento1)


One of the first steps in customizing your Magento website is to learn how to change the logo in Magento. This will brand your website with your logo and make it your own. 


If you don’t already have a logo you will need to make one in  photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.  Make sure to save your photo as a .gif, .jpg or .png.  Once you have your logo created you need to FTP it to your server.  First log into your ftp client (we are using WS FTP Pro but you can use any ftp client like Filezilla, Smart FTP etc.), navigate to skin/frontend/default/.  If you have a custom skin you can navigate to that folder, if you do not have a custom skin simply go to the default/ folder.  Then navigate to the  images/ folder.  This is where you can place  your logo. Once your logo is on your server you can change the logo path on your front end through the administration panel.


Once in the administration panel click on System->Configuration. In the left hand navigation bar click on ‘Design’.  Scroll down the page to the ‘Header’ Section.  There you will find a form for ‘Logo Image Src’ and ‘Small Logo Image Src’.  This is where you input the path to your logo.  The path will start after the default folder, so it will be something like ‘images/logo.png’ or ‘images/logo/logo.png’ if you have created a subdirectory under your images directory.  You can also add an alt tag for your logo.  Adding an alt tag will help with SEO. Once you have done this click the orange ‘Save Config’ button.

Make sure your cache is off or, if it is on, make sure to clear the cache.  You should now be able to see your logo in place of the generic Magento logo.

If you find you need expert help on how to change the logo in Magento contact Brian Wade at


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