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Talent personally sourced by our CEO

Each team member goes through a strict onboarding process where we review their experience, qualifications, and most important of all – the quality and accuracy of their code and completed work.

Meet our CEO

Brian Wade - CEO / Senior Developer

Brian started the business in 2007, and he offered Magento development services for Magento 1 and Magento Enterprise clients. Brian quickly identified a large need for proper Magento support, as well as a high demand for skilled, precise, and frustration-free Magento development.

Over time Brian built a team, as well as a complete development workflow that can be quickly applied to any organization needing remote Magento development assistance.

Meet our Client Services Managers

Roman K

Jackie C

Kanaka K

Ruben R

Meet our Quality Assurance

Kwame V

Dayse M

Meet our DevOps

Stan S

Meet our Certified Developers

Vincent C

Roman K

Anton S

Kanaka K

Trinh D

Jackie C

Anant P

Ruben R

Norbert T

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