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Brian Wade

Brian Wade has been working with Magento since 2007. Over time he’s grown the company by adding additional developers and specialists to our team, in order to offer priority support and services. One of our key strengths is around the clock development for high priority issues and projects. Brian is a native English speaking US citizen, and the majority of our employees are as well. But, It’s no secret that our team is composed of the best and most heavily vetted team in our industry from around the globe. We hold all of our employees to high development standards including Magento skills and knowledge assessments before and after being hired, not to mention that all development work goes through our extensive QA and screening process. The ability to work on projects 24 hours a day can be the key to completing large time sensitive projects in record time!

Brian Wade has seen a very wide range of all types of Magento projects and tasks. We’re confident that we can provide quality development no matter how large or small your Magento project is. The simple fact is that many clients start small, and begin working with us due to our competitive Magento development rates. We invite you to do the same, and experience the results of working with a Magento exclusive development company. I have a feeling that you’ll be impressed and really come to understand all the great things that are possible with Magento.

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