Using MageStore Banner Slider (Magento 1)

I’m going to make a quick video today on using MageStore Banner Slider. It’s a pretty popular banner slider, a lot of Magento stores use it and it’s free so that’s why it is so popular. We’ve already got it installed so I’m just going to show you quickly how to add a banner to an existing slider.

Using MageStore Banner Slider

Everything here is under the banner slider drop down. As you can see you’ve got “Manage Sliders”, “Manage Banners”, “Preview Slider Styles”, “Report Banners” and “Settings”. Since we already have a slider set up, all we are trying to do is add a banner to an existing slider. So if we go right here to “Manage Sliders” (You can do it either way you can do “Manage Banners” and upload a banner, and then link it to a slider. But I prefer and recommend to use “Manage Sliders” – it’s a little more seamless and easier to do).

So when you go to “Manage Sliders” you’re going to see your existing sliders. As we see right here, the home page slider is the one that we want to add the banner to. And here’s just a quick look at the banner that we’re going to add to. You can see it’s already been set up, it’s already on the home page, we just want to add one banner to it. So we’re going to go to that one, the home page banner you can see it’s position is “home page content top”. It already has the settings set up.

Banner placement

In order for it to be visible you need to have a slider mode selected. If you didn’t have this set up you’d need to have a slider mode selected, we’re going to leave it where it’s at, and you also need to have a position. “Homepage content top” is going to automatically try to put that in the best place. In this site, it looks like it added it in the right spot but sometimes with this extension it does not always go as planned. It’s already set up we just want to add a banner, so we’ll go to “Banner(s) of Slider”. And here it’s showing us all the banners that area already on this banner slider. So we’ve got two on there and we just want to add one more so let’s go ahead and “Add Banner”.

Adding a banner

This pops up a new window where we can give it a name. I’m just going to put some test values in here and the client can tidy this up when they get it set. So you’re going to put you URL (Where it goes to when they click on it), if they have a specific date that you only want these banners to show you’re going to select that here. And I believe this is the date that they want. “New Window without Browser Navigation” – it’s asking how it will display when they click on it (whether it’s going to open up in the same window or it’s going to open a new window) and since this is the home page we want it to stay in the parent window and go to this page when they click on it.

You’re going to make sure you’ve got your status that is “Enabled”, alt text if you have alt text for SEO purposes you can put that in there. We’ve got the URL that it’s going to go to when they click it, and you’re going to put in the banner image (You’re going to select if from your hard drive) and go ahead and “Save”.

Confim it’s working

OK so it’s saying it’s successfully saved so we can close this. I don’t recommend to “x” out of this because there is another action, I believe, when you “close” it that actually adds it to the banner slider so go ahead and click the “close” button there. If that has been done correctly, then we should be able to then reload this page and see our banner associated. You can see that it has added it there and put a check next to it and saying that yes it’s enabled. So it should be enabled, let’s reload it and see if it is showing up.

And let me reload that page, it does not seem to be showing up yet so we’re going to try something else to see if we can make it show up here. So we’ll go back to this banner, look at the settings make sure that says “Yes” the date is today. Something like this might cause an issue because sometimes your server time/date is actually either ahead or behind the start date. So we actually want to change this and let’s see if maybe that’s what is causing the issue. Let’s just go back a couple of days and “Save” it. Banner was successfully saved, “close” it, it reloads the page and just for good measure we’re going to “Save and Continue to Edit”. So let’s see if that was the issue.

And there it is! So that was the issue, it was using the start date based off of the server time. Thank you for checking out my tutorial on using MageStore Banner Slider.

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